Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's What She Said

In light of the room I'm blogging about today, I've appropriately titled this one with my favorite quote from "The Office". Of note, "that's what she said" follows just about 50% of everything a surgeon says, and no, it has not gotten old.

My office occupies the "loft"-ish area at the top of my stairs on the 3rd floor. I love the french doors and all the natural light. Sadly, I'm not at home much during the daylight hours to take pictures to show you just how lovely that natural light is.

A bright mix of colors that complimented the painting. ("Godzilla" by Jonathan Revett) I loved this room, even though it was somewhat more traditional than my current taste. It was comfortable and bright, but the new remodel off this room wasn't really working with all the primary colors. More on that later...

The black and white scheme takes over, and yet I was able to keep some of my favorite pieces--like that artwork, the color red (of course!), and especially that anthropologie lamp shade!

My desk is actually a kitchen island that I picked out from Ballard Designs. It used to serve as a kitchen island in a previous home, then as a sideboard in another home, and now it's my desk. Who knew a kitchen island could be re-purposed so many times, and do it all so well? 

I love the French, vintage, and little bit of narcissism I have mixed into my "work wall". This wall is fabulously functional AND feminine. 

I added in tulips (another favorite) to bring the yellow from the painting across the room, and for a daily "pick me up".

With all that red, black, and white, I couldn't help but throw in a little plaid (another favorite, thanks to my Scot-Irish roots) in the form of a pillow (another favorite). There's plaid in the dog bed too! Have you noticed a theme here? Perhaps I should have titled this one "A Few of My Favorite Things". I spend a lot of time in this room when I'm at home. So, I figure, I might as well surround myself with tokens of love--even if it's a somewhat narcissistic kind of love. (Winning!)

The Container Store contribution was significant here. Do you KNOW how much trouble that place can be?

Lastly, I found that fantastic urn at White Elephant Antiques when I first started my project of redecorating the house. I apparently couldn't live without it (add it to my list of my favorites as well). My friend Kendall (over at Lower Oak Lawn) gave me the rather self-descriptive quote with its perfectly colored frame--if only it were about vodka rather than champagne!

Again, the office is just at the top of the stairs, so I'm sharing my stairwell at the same time. The first piece I commisioned from one of my best, and most creative, friends, Mrs. Anna Jones. The others are the remnants of my more traditional decor (notice their earthy tones) that I wasn't quite ready to part with. They all seem to have a happy home on this wall together.

Once again, I find myself up way past bedtime. (Which definitely does not equate to winning.) Productivity was severely lacking after arriving home at 7:30pm and indulging in the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. In fact, I even lost the time to soak in the tub again tonight (another favorite). Here's to enjoying a few of your favorite things...even if that includes sexual innuendos followed by obnoxious counts of "that's what she said" and bi-winning, Charlie Sheen remixes.


  1. Wow! This is a serious transformation since I last saw it! So cute. Thanks for the shout out too :) I'll try to find a good vodka quote for your next gift :)

  2. Ooooo, Kendall! Can't wait for my next gift! :) Glad you like the office. I need more professional pics from you. :)


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