Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Grand Finale

Ah, here we are. At the end of the week (or at least what I am currently regarding as a week) and at the end of the tour. Here is my master bathroom, completely remodeled. It's the perfect oasis for relaxation at the end of a long day in the OR.

The leopard print walls that convinced me to go with the "safari"-ish theme in the master bedroom obviously inspired the rest of the animal print in the bathroom. Sadly, I had sort of "been there, done that" with animal print. As much as I love it, I think I've currently had enough (in my own home, that is). Also notice the carpet in the vanity and plain white tile by the shower which was just your generic white tiled shower. The countertop is an old poured marble one with some cracks in the sink. I don't have many pictures to show you, but I felt cramped in this room due to all the doors everywhere. And I didn't even have a closet door! There was just a red curtain hanging in the open doorway to the closet since a door had not been installed previously. The open door here is a full size door and extended all the way to the opening to the closet. The full size door in the shower area extended almost to the shower itself. While I was lucky enough to have a mirror on the back of one and a robe hook on the back of the other, the doors really made the rooms feel even smaller to me.

This is the good part! I traded in the dated animal print wallpaper, countertop, carpet, and tile for almost everything brand new. The only thing wasn't replaced was the cabinets.

The door to it all! I have been dying for a "barndoor" for a while! It's a great space saver and looks cool too! I found this door at an architectural salvage for less than $100 (and solid wood as well). It's finish was very similar to my headboard which was perfect. The door pull came from Signature Hardware.

The barn door slides out of the way to reveal my FABULOUS bathroom. I really have no other word to describe it. Classic black and white stripe walls, black and white checkered floor (with a twist), a clawfoot slipper tub. I could go on and on (much like this project did)!

This was prior to it being completely finished. But you can see the new doors here. The louvered door to the closet and the small bifold door to the shower room.

It's a real closet door!

The white cabinets stayed, but I found the new black glass knobs at Hobby Lobby for a quick update. The countertop was replaced with black granite and a porcelain white vessel sink. The countertops now feel taller too. Chrome accessories top off a contemporary version of a classic look. 

I traded the old plain white tile for this look. The white tile is simple porcelain while the black squares are glass/granite tile mosaics.

The best part of the redo is the new soaking tub! It's such a fabulous experience. The bath tub is actually acrylic (not cast iron) and was custom painted by the guys at Signature Hardware.

Of course I didn't trade out the tub/shower for just a tub (not in a master)! The shower enclosure converts the tub into a perfectly functional shower. There is also a handheld shower head for use during those long soaking baths. I don't have them yet, but riser mounted baskets for shampoo/soap are on their way.

For now, I hide my shampoo in this "Chalk it Up" flower pot from Hobby Lobby on a cute small column found at Uptown Country Home in Dallas. This will stay even when the shower accessories come!

All those feminine ruffles come from Target. They were perfect for the look I was going for--French, feminine, and fabulous. Notice the robe hanging in the corner. I replace the full size door with a bifold "closet" door that takes up much less space in the bathroom and actually made room for a towel bar.

Ah! Time for another blissful candlelit soak, glass of wine, chocolate, and a good read.


  1. Love what you did with you bath...great work! The stripes are fabulous!

  2. Thanks! That's a huge compliment coming from the likes of your blog! I'm loving it. I think the only word for the room is FABULOUS. I think even Coco would like it.


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