Monday, March 21, 2011

Eating Spaces

I'm beating the Monday blues with a big splash of just that, BLUE.

The dining room, which as you will see later, is all on the 2nd floor in a large open area adjacent to the living room. I adore these anthropologie curtains and rug that my Mom gave me for my last house, and I couldn't part with them. However, the curtains used to blend in with the walls and just seemed to disappear. No longer! My peacock blue walls make the room a welcoming, blues beating retreat!

Drab disappearing curtains (too short for the old curtain rod already in place and chairs that really made the room seem even smaller.

A BIG pop of color on the walls makes those beautiful curtains stand out, my great grandmother's chairs made for plenty more room for diners, and those new blue cushions (and comfy pillows on every chair) added that extra little "oomph!".

And the details:
Old fake books were replaced with bright colored glass bottles. There's a lot of color here, but it all plays off the awesome anthropologie rug/curtains. The floral arrangements didn't change, but I highlight them because they are still a personal fave!

I do my own floral arrangements!
Happy entertaining everyone, I know this dining room is sure looking to host a spring ladies' soiree now!


  1. I love blue/navy walls in decor. It really brightened the room!

  2. I was really nervous about painting the walls blue. There's a lot of stuff out there that says to keep blue out of a dining room. Well, I broke those rules and loved it! :) Thanks for the compliment!


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