Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion

Thanks to Emily (at Simply Southern) for being my first official follower! Thanks for the support and the great blog to read!

So I get the whole place posted on my blog (with a few modifications coming in the near future) and I get a strange twitter comment from a person I don't know (that's a good thing--unknown people following my blog!) that said:

"IMHO: Too much clutter! Afraid I'd fall in a booby trap!" (Their typos corrected of course.)

I'm obviously not much of a minimalist, and I still have some traditional roots in my contemporary style. However, this quote definitely has me thinking, and likely contributed to a good two days of "writer's block" due to fear of more of the same. As of this moment, I'm over it. Amazing what that clawfoot tub can do for a girl! But...

IS it too cluttered? Do I need to spring clean the decor?

What do YOU think, Goldilocks? Is it too cluttered? Is it not enough (unlikely)? Is it just right?

If it were your place, what would you change? What pieces would you do away with? What pieces absolutely have to stay? Are there ways I could make what I have more functional with less "stuff"?

Here's your chance y'all, your opinion matters. At least for today. (Sarcasm. I'm fluent.) Let me know your thoughts.

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