Sunday, March 27, 2011

Night Night Time

On our way to the end of this journey...

The big part of the redo really involved my bedroom and bathroom. While I was afraid of going "drab" or borderline "emo", I couldn't settle on an accent color for my bedroom. More red? Yellow again? Maybe purple? What about pink? So in the end, I went with grey...and that has made all the difference.

My master bedroom was originally the reused decor of a previous guest bedroom. I traded in my king bed for a queen (for space purposes obviously), and the guest bedroom had the linens and everything ready to go. Not only that, but this townhouse came with a master bathroom wallpaper with leopard print (and I sorta liked it). That was very fitting for the "world travel/safari" theme I had going in the old bedroom.

When I first moved in, I had the bed in front of the windows. I really like walking in on the foot of the bed; however, I hate blocking all the natural light that comes through all those windows. So, the first thing I did was rearrange (and trade old, dingy pillows for new ones). Unfortunately, you know longer walk in on the foot of the bed. But there's lot of space and the windows let in more light. Do those pillows look familiar? They ended up embellishing my dining room chairs.

As with the rest of the home, the black and white theme was introduced along with the grey as the room's accent color. I aimed to mix fabric and texture more so than color in this room to make it feel like luxury, not gloom. After a mishap with one "handyman", I ended up replacing the carpet with vinyl wood floors (Konecto) and purchased this awesome black and white houndstooth rug for something warm to step on to in the mornings.

I love this Ballard Designs headboard. I waited for 3 whole months to get it...I think that might be the first time I've actually witnessed the fact that good things come to those who wait. Like I said, texture (not color) in this room. Silk in the drapes, ruched duvet and shams, tuxedo pillows and skirt, sweater pillows, and velvet throw. I just want to stay in it!

My nightstand. It's the last of my great grandmother's dining chairs (same as in the dining room) that I painted black. The lamp is the same one previously seen on the dresser with a couple coats of white spray paint and new black shades that costs me $1 each at an architectural salvage in Fort Worth. My dogs have added their personal touch to the corner of the da Vinci book. I have used a chair as a nightstand in the past, it works perfectly for a small space!

The chest of drawers. That crazy peacock was moved from the living room to this room. I love the crystal candlesticks that contribute to the "bling" this room has along with the silver accessories.

On top of the dresser. Memories of Brewster's first time at the beach and fun frames from Target and Hobby Lobby. The books, my favorite being Night, are ones I took from Mom's large collection of leather bound books. She's kind of a big deal. 

Making room for a tv harder than it should be. This seems to work out well, and all the cords are hidden, so at least I've gotten that far. The trunks used to be regular, run of the mill, wood. Again, more spray paint turned them into contemporary, metallic pieces that perfectly added more texture to the room.

And that door, well it leads to the 6 week long adventure that is the grand finale of Design Week.
Brewster is still offering up cuddle sessions. Brewster's favorite time is night night time! It's the perfect overcast day for some snuggling in that comfy bed! 

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