Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Wags: Bling

Check out the new collars--all found on Etsy! (Brewster didn't get a new one...he's still sporting his Henri Bendel collar)

Chelsea's New Striped Bling

Paisley's Super Bling

Demetri's Summer Seersucker

Stepping Up

So, I've been waiting to carpet my stairs for a while now. The current beige carpet doesn't really go with the color schemes I have going in my house. After going thru hundreds of carpet samples and pictures, I finally decided what I want to do.

I'm using this for inspiration:

My rails don't go all the way down to the stairs themselves, so I am "expanding" this look by doing black down the edges and grey in the middle without the wood steps on the side. If I were lucky enough to already have finished out stairs, I would just paint them and use a regular runner. Now all I have to do is settle on a grey!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blank Slate for Me Too

Lastly, I'll share the 2nd story of my parents new home.

First is my mom's "office". It's simple but lovely at the same time.

The guest bathroom has  a familiar and white.

As well as the guest bedroom. I love this room--mostly because Mom copied my me on my own design ideas. :) Not really, we just have very similar taste!

This is the beginning of my room. I still await my Layla Grace headboard, my linens, king bed frame, and am on the lookout for some crystal lamps.

This will act as my dresser. I'm filling the shelves with antiqued wire baskets with linen.

This is my bathroom. Like the bedroom, the walls are currently green. This is definitely going to change.

And the other part of my bathroom. I absolutely adore my French linen shower curtain!

This is the other "man cave". Eventually golf prints and decor will fill up this room--much like my parents old "den".

So after just one month, the only furniture my parents lack is my bed and chairs in the guest rooms. The little stuff is coming together too. I know my mom is certainly ready to get all the window treatments hung, and I think Dad just needs more time in the yard before he's convinced that it really is "home". I think it's obvious where I get my love for decorating though! Mom's got quite the knack (and Dad has certainly developed the taste as well).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Equally Blank Slate

Today, I'm sharing the areas of the first floor where my parents live out their more private lives. This part of the home is absolutely stunning in functionality and design.

Their bedroom--where my mom is sticking with the black and gold tones of their previous home.

Their master bathroom suite is absolutely amazing. Here who can see "Her" side of the bathroom and the large tub in the middle.

Here is a glimpse of "His" side as well as the window seats...and another view of their fabulous bathtub.

Dad's closet also serves as a kennel. :) The dogs even have a TV.  This area was originally meant for a treadmill or exercise bike, but the dogs fit perfectly. Notice what it feels like to have nothing to move...not even clothes.

Mom's closet has a vanity and a three way mirror. Such a fabulous closet for any woman!

Unfortunately, the dogs are smart enough to figure out how to open the plantation shutters to see out. My mom's closet is at the front of the house, so hopefully she can avoid too many embarrassing moments when neighbors walk by!

My dad spends plenty of time in his front office. It's his hideaway and a very comfy one at that.

This essentially finishes the ground floor (minus the laundry room, entry hall, and other bathrooms). My parents have commented over and over again about how livable their new open floor plan is. I think it's gorgeous!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blank Slate

My parents officially closed on their new home two days ago. They have been living in it for a month now. I last visited on their first weekend here. It's been a long month. Some days are easier than others. It's depressing but hopeful at the same time. Nonetheless, my parents have done a great job of decorating their new home.

This is the first time my parents have lived in the city, and in a neighborhood, for almost thirty years. I think they will feel more at home when they get the yard looking better. They've been known for their beautiful yard for a decade now and this isn't quite cutting it yet.

My mom has wanted a wrap around front porch for years, and she finally has it.

Welcome home! (even though none of us will tell you it seems as such)

This living room is fabulous.

But the curtains are not ours! There is always more to be done.

The kitchen was a major selling point.

Mom is excited to have a gas range again.

Dad is loving the butlers pantry that serves as a wet bar and a coffee bar (on the other side) for him.

The dining room has a striking ceiling. The table and chairs were a set my mom had ordered for the old home just before the fire. The buffet is an antique she found while visiting me in Fort Worth.

Obviously, the common areas are turning out wonderfully. Next, I'll share with you the more private, but equally fantastic, areas of their new home. It's just been a mom's hard work is definitely apparent. I don't think she ever wants to shop again.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Wags: Millie

I am back in Amarillo again for my "golden weekend". Thank you Chief for the weekend off!

I sure am missing my pups at home, but there's plenty of puppy love here too.

Millie has been following me around wondering how I plan to decorate my new room. She's so much fun!

Tomorrow Millie will help me share all the progress Mom has made on their new house. They closed yesterday and it's officially ours!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Found Out

Yikes! I've been found out! Isn't that what bloggers want? Of course it is. But I have to admit, I got a little scared. I'm thinking twice about what all I post here...even more than I was. A couple days ago, an ICU nurse (who shall remain nameless in hopes of not embarrassing her) said "I hope you don't think I'm a creeper, but I totally read your blog!" I couldn't help but laugh, and then part of me cringed, wondering what the hell I've written on this thing. Come to find out, she learned about my blog from ANOTHER ICU nurse. Well crap. Now I have a following from people I work with--not just my very supportive, blog enthusiast friends, but people I am in contact with every day. That means I'm really being held accountable for updating this thing now. So I guess there's no more getting by with the occasional post saying hello from the pups. It's back to rants about work and fun posts about decorating...which is really the only other thing I'd be doing other than surgery for a career. Now if I only I can fit in this book I want to write...

Thanks "Peter" girls for holding me accountable! I'll do my best to avoid disappointment from here on out. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Wags: Happy Tails

I'm on call today and missing my dogs terribly! Happy tails to you readers! Care of Brewster's almost incessantly happy tail that's always moving!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Wags: Something New

So I've been at this blogging thing for 3 whole months now, so I believe it's about time that I start a "weekly" series. If anything, this should me accountable for continuing to blog--more often.

I find myself taking more pictures and videos of my pups than I do anything. They are hilarious and downright precious. This blog wouldn't be "me" if it didn't have a lot to do with my dogs. My favorite thing to do on late weekend morning is cuddle with my pups and sleep in. Therefore, my weekends will be inspired by my four-legged pals and their tail wags...thus I present Weekend Wags.

Seeing as how Demetri is the only one currently watching every move I make--indeed he is watching the computer screen like a TV--I'll give him the honors of being the first to send his wags your way.

Bathed and ready for bed. 

Happy weekend!

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