Thursday, June 23, 2011

Napping Places

So I REALLY love all the day beds out these days. From the French remakes to cozy nooks, I really wish I had the finances to put one in my townhome! I just want to curl up for a nap with the pups or actually get a good read in on one of these:

Feminine and Fanciful
Love the Stripes--As Always!

Perfect Library

I feel like I'm back in a European castle/villa.

Cozy...I'm thinking the wine is perfect, or cocoa.

Perfect for napping.

Peaceful Sleeping Place

How do I create this for ME??

I wish I could put this under my stairs on the bottom floor, if only I wouldn't have to sacrifice a closet!
All images via Pinterest

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All You Need is Love...and A Dog

I've seen the title quote on MULTIPLE blog posts, pinterest, and many other things today. I wholeheartedly agree. I love my dogs! And this picture just screams happiness and love!

via Pinterest

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh Paris!

This is quite possibly the best blog giveaway I've ever seen. With the family tragedy to start off the month and finally nearing the end of my 2nd year of surgery residency, I'm sure hoping winning is in my future!

Check out it at

Retreating Home

So my parents home used to be my place to go "recharge"...even for just 24 hours. Unfortunately, my sanctuary for myself burned to the ground. One of the good things coming from it though is the chance to create a NEW retreat. My parents have found a new home and take possession soon (I hope). Mom has been asking me for suggestions on all of the rooms in the house, but espeically "my new room". Here's some of my inspiration for my new room:

Restoration Hardware

My original mood board:

Between the linen and weathered pine giving a look of antiquity and mirrored chests to add a hint of modernism, I'm pretty excited about my new retreat! I'm even more excited that my parents will soon be settling into a new home...rather than a hotel.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Fire Starting in My Heart

Just when things were looking on the up and up, there's always something that happens to bring me back to my roots. Lest I forget them. I've lived a rather blessed life to this point and have been lucky not to experience much hardship in life. However, losing my childhood home at 26 sure seems to make up some ground.
My parents home Summer 2010

Last Sunday, May 29, 2011, my parents were on their way home from visiting their cabin in Ruidoso, NM when they found out that their home had been destroyed in a wildfire. They weren't able to see the destruction until the following morning, and I followed 30 hours later. Sadly, I found out about the tragic fire while I was on call at the hospital. Needless to say, that was not my finest hour at work.

My parents home May 30, 2011
Just over a month ago I celebrated the love of my parents that has been going strong for 30 long years. This home was something they started building not five months after they married and moved into about a year and a half after they were married. I spent my entire childhood in the beautiful home until I left for college. Since then it had been my place to recharge--my retreat when life was seemed "too hard". Sadly, that all changed in a just a few hours. There is nothing that can prepare you for walking up on the remains of the place that meant so much to you as a child, and you'd hoped would mean so much to your own children.

Enjoying the pool at my parents' house July 31, 2010

Where I was sitting less than a year ago

There's a huge void in my heart right now. It's sort of hard to find passion about much of anything currently. My parents are in limbo until they find a home to start moving forward, so my heart remains in limbo too.  On the other hand, the outpouring of love from the people in Amarillo to my parents has been tremendous and deeply heartfelt. I can only hope the other families affected by the fires have received the same kind of support in this time of need.

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