Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easy Bake Oven

I am on call today, and I'm overwhelmingly tired due to my own procrastinating at bedtime every night of 2011 so far. Therefore, I am going with the notion of laziness and blogging about the room I was the least involved in designing...my kitchen!

I have a tiny kitchen (in a tiny town house), but it is superbly functional. In fact, I cook as much here as I did in my last house. That means a lot because my last kitchen was at least the size of my current living room. If there's one thing my "tiny" place has taught me, it's that I'm not even certain I WANT all those things I used to dream of--like a big gourmet French country style kitchen. But...on the other hand, I'm sure it wouldn't take much for me to change my tune once again.

My little "Easy Bake Oven" is perfect. It's U-shape makes preparation easy, and it has a surprising amount of both storage and work space for such a small room. The cabinets were already white when I moved in. I have thought about resurfacing them or glazing them, but I always fall back on clean, bright, white cabinets that make the kitchen feel fresh and roomy. I also love the stainless steel appliances (also came with the place)! And those black granite countertops really topped it off for me. They were the inspiration for redoing the countertops in the bathrooms. And my favorite part, as you will see in the last picture, is that a previous owner had great taste in color...

The top of the fridge is great storage space...especially for endless bottles of champagne...and it keeps my cereal out of Chelsea's reach!

My personal magnet collection, brilliantly hidden so only the cook can see! Obviously the sides of my fridge have really helped out with special places for aprons and pot holders.

I added this "flat" pot rack above the window and gained quite a bit of storage space by getting just a few pots out of the cabinets!

I absolutely LOVE these canisters. Just another part of the "bee" collection. Did you spot the bees in the dining room?

One last look. My favorite part of the kitchen, the red ceiling! I love red, especially in kitchens and dining rooms. I was lucky that a previous owner felt the same way. A great way to cheer up the kitchen!

If I weren't on call, I'd be testing out some new recipe to add to this post. I guess the gelato in the freezer and the Diet DP in the fridge will have to do for tonight's late night snack. Anywho, off to finish up a chapter in preparation for Chief's Conference in the AM (you'll hear plenty about this in the future).

Bon appetit!

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