Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last Minute

Where's a girl (and maybe even her little dog too) to go?
So unless we're talking about a trauma case, I don't do very many things "last minute". Or at least, in the past, I didn't do things "last minute". What is possibly even more saddening is the fact that planning my spring vacations is not something I've been really been procrastinating on. In fact, I've been brainstorming since some time last fall. Yet, here I am, last minute, without legit plans for a weekend falling over the typical Texas spring break.

I've spent HOURS of my time researching short weekend getaways, only to wonder how much studying I could have accomplished in those vanishing minutes of unsuccessful vacation planning. Last fall, my spring trips that I had "lined up" included things like home (most importantly), Las Vegas, Charleston, SC, Seattle, Montreal, Costa Rica, etc. As no place really overwhelmingly begged me to visit, I turned to the general "theme" of the trips--cooking class, a yoga/wellness retreat, a historical city to explore, a beach with an umbrella in my drink, a place to hide, a place to let loose, a place to visit with Brewster in tow, etc, etc. Unfortunately, those ALL sound fabulous. Thus, my indecisiveness continues.

Most residents understand the value of an ENTIRE weekend off, a "golden weekend" as we call it. In our program, we have four days off a month (and three weeks of vacation per year). These are spread out quite randomly--at least one Saturday, at least one Sunday, and then two very random, usually mid-week days off. Only on a couple rotations are we lucky enough to schedule ourselves in such a way that we have a Saturday AND Sunday off in the same weekend. As a PGY-2, I believe I had two of those weekends in August, one in October, one in February, and now I'm heading into only my fifth entire weekend off all year. Thankfully, home (Amarillo) is always a good default when I can't decide. The second back up plan being a "staycation" which for me ends up being some big weekend project around the house, or an entire weekend spent running errands I didn't even realize were necessary.

So after hitting up New Orleans (for the time ever) for a wedding in January, and getting Step 3 out of the way with my "long weekend" in February, I am indeed proceeding with default #1--home for this weekend. Thank goodness. I can relax, recharge, shoot the breeze with Mom and Dad, and simply be a bum. Even better is the fact that my cousin (whom I'm not sure I've ever actually met) and I were able to narrow down our 8 choices (all big city breaks) to Boston. All over Facebook chat, in a matter of less than an hour. So a spring weekend in Boston awaits me, and I'm pumped! Then there's that weekend in June where I get to spend a day on the beach in Boca Raton.

But despite all of that, I still don't have a plan for NEXT weekend! I'm back to square one. I'm debating Montreal for the weekend, but seems awfully chilly this time of year. Then there's Galveston--something close to home but at least I can see the sea (saying Texas spring breakers aren't crowding my view). New Orleans for a second time, but so soon? Or maybe even a staycation here in Dallas...a hotel and a spa day? Would Costa Rica be worth the flight? Or maybe the Caribbean? See what I'm talking about! What's a girl to do, on such short notice?

*Note of reassurance, I am not NEARly this indecisive at work.

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