Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Found Out

Yikes! I've been found out! Isn't that what bloggers want? Of course it is. But I have to admit, I got a little scared. I'm thinking twice about what all I post here...even more than I was. A couple days ago, an ICU nurse (who shall remain nameless in hopes of not embarrassing her) said "I hope you don't think I'm a creeper, but I totally read your blog!" I couldn't help but laugh, and then part of me cringed, wondering what the hell I've written on this thing. Come to find out, she learned about my blog from ANOTHER ICU nurse. Well crap. Now I have a following from people I work with--not just my very supportive, blog enthusiast friends, but people I am in contact with every day. That means I'm really being held accountable for updating this thing now. So I guess there's no more getting by with the occasional post saying hello from the pups. It's back to rants about work and fun posts about decorating...which is really the only other thing I'd be doing other than surgery for a career. Now if I only I can fit in this book I want to write...

Thanks "Peter" girls for holding me accountable! I'll do my best to avoid disappointment from here on out. :)

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