Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updates to the House

Indeed, it's been only about two months since I last shared my home with you. However, lots of changes have occurred since then. (As always!)

The Living Room

I finally finished the super awkward wall. My favorite thing is that is awesome "Antiques" sign. It was perfect size, color, everything! My mantle was handmade by a lady in Oregon. I bought it on Etsy. You can find an affordable one just like it here:

The Windows

The office and the dining room (and the pet room) french doors got new shades. Hopefully they prove to be a good investment when this summer's electricity bills arrive!

The Dog Room

I moved out of the storage unit and found some old pictures that I wanted to add to the walls. Next: replacing those already dingy bed linens/pillows (thanks pups!).

The Entry Stairwell

I put together this fabulous (if I do say so, myself) memory/gallery wall. I love every piece! Including: 
  1. A cute little sign that says "When life hands you lemons, make lemon bars." Found at Uptown Country Home.
  2. Sea glass bottle from World Market.
  3. My favorite picture of Brewster.
  4. A picture of the Eiffel Tower that I took in the spring of 2009.
  5. A black plaque with a glazed chandelier.
  6. Three of my favorite pictures of me: Northern Ireland in 2009, a photo shoot in 2009, and from New England last November.
  7. Bee print I also found on Etsy. The best part is that it also has two greyhounds on it!
  8. The large print in the middle that I found at Garden Ridge. I'd LOVE to have a group of girls to watch a sailing competition with/live close enough to the beach to do so.
  9. Photo of the Louvre (taken by me from a Seine Riverboat tour) favorite thing in Paris.
  10. Photo of the trees, taken by me, in the Newport, RI taken last November.
  11. Photo of the Acropolis from spring of 2009.
  12. Photo of the beach in Crete in spring of 2009.
  13. Couture print that I can't ever resist, the beach and black and white and 50s/early 60s style--all of my faves in one print.
  14. Photo taken at the Campgrounds in Martha's Vineyard.
  15. Argyle plaque that I've had since I lived in Amarillo.
  16. A small bulletin board with small cards that I like to change out depending on my mood.
  17. Letter "B" times two. 
  18. An old cathedral shaped mirror that I've had since I was in college.
So much fun to put together, and a great way to brighten my day every time I leave the house or come home!

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