Monday, May 23, 2011

Paisley and Demetri

Welcoming the newest members of the Culp family: Paisley and Demetri

It's been six months since I lost my first greyhound, Chester. Apparently, I don't do well with just two animals. So, I am welcoming my newly adopted mutts to the family. This is Demetri (previously named Ferdinand). He is a precious, one year old boy (or at least I think he's a year). He's such a baby! He's super cute, and the poor guy was found out in the rain by his previous foster mom along with another sweet girl. (She was adopted by someone else the same day I adopted this little one!)

Brewster and Demetri on the way home from adopting Demetri
This is Paisley. Poor Paisley was taken from someone that bred her over and over again. Prior to her first foster home, she didn't know much about loving interaction. She's dying for Brewster to think she's cool and she's very smart. She had her name and the doggie door figured out in a day!
Brewster and his new sister Paisley geared up for the ride home from the adoption center
The process of adopting an adult dog is absolutely heart-wrenching. There are SO many dogs that need a home, and we obviously can't adopt them all at once. But if you're thinking about a new dog, PLEASE adopt from a rescue group. These dogs need homes, and there are plenty of dogs available without going for designer dogs that cost a grand. You get just as much love and fun memories from dogs that desperately need homes and adoption feeds are usually around $200 (including spay/neuter, shots, heartworm testing).

Some great groups to check out:

Dallas County Humane Society (i.e. Dog n Kitty City)
Operation Kindness
Metroplex Mutts
Fuzzy Friends
Greyhound Adoption League of Texas
Golden Retriever Rescue
Labrador Retriever Rescue

SPCA (that's where I first found Demetri and Paisley) has TONS of animals available, and you can search many different rescue groups at once. Go find your new best friend!

And I'll put a plug in for the dog that got me started wanting another one:

Zoe (available from Dog n Kitty City)...unlike her profile says, she's actually very outgoing and quite silly. She's a bit alpha and quite the diva, but she will make a GREAT pet for someone! If you want a little one, please put in an application! Her pictures do her no justice!


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