Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Good Day in Texas

It's always a good day in Texas.

But today...

The Texas Rangers started their season 5-0! I was lucky enough to watch them beat the Mariners last night. The weather might have been slightly more appropriate for football, but a great game nonetheless. What is it about ballpark hotdogs that makes them SO much better than all other hotdogs? With the Rangers playing this well so early, I'm sensing a great summer ahead in the Metroplex!

Speaking of the Rangers, I had some guy friends dare me to wear a Rangers shirt into a bar in Boston this coming weekend...and even better to ask them to turn on the Rangers game? Not so sure that would land me in good company in Boston, especially after the sweeping the Red Sox for opening weekend! My Texas. My Rangers.

The Texas A&M Women's Basketball team just won the NCAA Championship. Hats off to those ladies! I'm a Red Raider for life, but it's always great to see the Big 12 show up so strongly. Since I knew the Aggie Fight Song a good 10 years before I knew how to sing "Fight, Raiders, Fight!", I'll hand out my occasional yell here. Gig 'em Ags!

And on that note, I'll say that's good enough news to call it a day.

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