Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days definitely aren't over. They are just beginning. Recently I had someone rack my brain about dog-friendly patio dining in the Uptown area in Dallas. Believe me, Brewster knows a thing or two about dining out! In April, i Frateli's pizza has a "Smooch Your Pooch" deal every Wednesday. Bring your dog in, give em a big kiss, and get a free cheese pizza! (for the first 50 people at each location in DFW) Looks like pizza for dinner!

Some of Brewster's favorites:

State and Allen Lounge
Decently sized patio and strong drinks make for a great time, especially for weekend brunch. I'm especially fond of the chicken and waffles.

Dream Cafe
Half price wine on Wednesdays and a rather healthy brunch/breakfast menu. Brewster especially appreciates his own water bowl on every visit.

As long as there's a spot on the super tiny area they consider dog-friendly, then it's a great place to for a doggie-date. And in case you haven't tried it, they make more than just great brunch. Dinner is great too!

I love the French (and rather authentic French) menu and the patio is very dog-friendly. It's a bit crazy on the weekends with lots of passers-by from the Katy Trail, but a favorite of ours nonetheless.

Fireside Pies
Brewster and I love to grab some of our favorite comfort food and comfort drink (sangria) by the fire on the patio in the wintertime. Plus, the waitresses here have quite the affection for Brewster.

Taco Diner
West Village is the ultimate place for people watching and Brewster loves this kind of party. A mambo taxi makes it bearable long enough for Brewster to soak up all the attention.

Brewster and I are always looking for new places for dinner dates. If you know of great places, please reply with your comments!

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