Monday, April 11, 2011

Boston Legal

Sorry for another hiatus from the blog. A weekend in New England sort of got in the way.

Oh! How I wish that title will someday mean "family time" as in my own family spending some time out on the town in Boston. :) For now, the short weekend with my cousin will have to do. With just under 48 hours to get away from it all and hit up New England for a weekend, we covered quite a bit of ground.

We stayed at The Onyx Hotel near the Boston Garden...great hotel...sketchy location for two young ladies! Although, if you are a Bruins or Celtics fan, I HIGHLY recommend the location. It's also pretty convenient to the extremely tastebud-friendly area in the North End.

Our weekend started with some good old-fashioned bar hopping. We hit a couple of Boston's oldest taverns near Fanuiel Hall--obviously including the Black Rose and it's Irish band. My, oh my, how those Bostonians loves their Irish!

A hangover and half a day slept away later, we headed out for a Duck Tour. A great way to spend 80 minutes figuring out what we wanted to do with the rest of our time. It is definitely a "tourist-y" thing to do, but well worth it!

This was not our "Dukw". Ours wasn't nearly this "pretty".

After exploring Boston by "boat", we then hopped off to explore by foot. We walked most of the Back Bay in less than an afternoon and likely the entirety of Newbury St. stopping in our favorite boutiques--Lily Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Kate Spade, and of course the necessary stop in H&M.

We finally wore out the wallet and our feet and headed back to the hotel for a refresher...then off to dinner and meeting up with old friends. A fairly new restaurant in Boston, The Met Bar in Back Bay is absolutely fabulous. The food, atmosphere, location, service...every thing was perfect!

I do believe they know a thing or two about presentation!

That fabulous meal was then followed up with drinks in Harvard Square and time with an old friend, Jay. I thought he was crazy for taking a job in Boston three and a half years ago. Actually, he was just way ahead of the game!

Sunday morning we popped out of bed and headed back down towards the Back Bay for brunch. Jay had recommended Sonsie, but we happened to pass by CafeTeria first. Typical American brunch with a fabulous patio location for Boston's 2nd day above out of the 50-degree-weather-slump. :)

Too HOT for the jacket!

Fueled up and ready for more Boston, we gave up on the Purple Line that we had planned to take to Harpoon Brewery for a tour and instead opted for Fenway Park. The game wasn't supposed to start for a good seven hours, so it was quiet, but a great time to explore.

Almost wore a Rangers shirt for this trip, but felt the 3-0 series for our Home Opener might still be a sore spot for the Red Sox. :)
Still craving some good Italian food and the likes of Mike's Bakery, we finished up our trip with a jaunt in the North End. Whoopie pies, cookies, Boston Creme Puffs, Cannolis, and Cupcakes later...we found a pedi cab back to the hotel to pick up our luggage.

Breezy ride back to the hotel!

All-in-all a fabulous weekend full of great food, shopping, friends, and family. A good start to spring for sure! If only our Southern charm had scared all those Northern men away... That certainly didn't keep me from picking up some real estate guides before heading out of town.
'Til next time Beantown!

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