Monday, November 28, 2011

Working Out

I guess Thanksgiving has me feeling guilty. I've been meaning to be better about working out. I started with Camp Gladiator back in September, and it was awesome. The workouts are intense and there's always someone there to keep you going. The only thing I don't like about it is the times/places the workouts are available. While there are a number of locations, the times at the locations closest to me aren't all that convenient to my schedule. While I still do occasional camps, I'm not good about going every chance I get. I've been seeing the Bodyrock workouts on Pinterest for months. Today, I'm getting started. The home workout revolution has swayed me. All of's workouts are fairly short and the results look amazing. Maybe for the New Year I'll consider changing my diet too. Maybe.

Today: I'm starting with some of her older stuff. Today we're starting with the first part of her Rock Your Body group of workouts. Wish me luck!

Think you wanna join in on the fun? Check it out: 

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