Friday, September 16, 2011

Pull Yourself Together

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So even though my second year of residency is over and I'm currently not working at the county hospital, life still seems hectic. Just about the time I think I'm all caught up, I realize I've fallen behind in another area. Over the last 12 days, that "area" has obviously been my blog. With crazy hours, bigger cases, and more to read, I'm still not as free as I'd like to be most of the time. I also haven't had a day off that I spent at home trying to get caught up since August sometime. Thankfully, I am off come Monday and can start playing that game of "catch up". While my blog may be lacking, I've accomplished quite a bit over the last couple of weeks...everything from deep cleaning from floors in my house, logging more than a dozen cases, reading for residency, reading through more than 300 blog posts on Google Reader that I had yet to read, perusing more than a dozen catalogs and another dozen magazines, welcoming a best friend's new baby girl, eating brunch with friends, getting back to working out (3 times in one week!), walking the dogs, etc...

Has your September been so productive? 
What in your life are you "caught up" on? 
Do you still need to some "pulling together"?

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