Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting Excited!

With my trip just a week away, I can't help but get excited to wear some of my fall favorites for the first time all year.

Thanks to Pinterest for all the inspiraiton!

On The Way Up:
Comfy jeans, simple cardy, and red flats for the ride up to Boston!

Fall Foliage Tour Day #1

Driving through Maine with some good riding boots, jeans, and classic black and white stripes.

Headed to the Mountains

Warming up with some layers...and sticking with riding boots...less to pack!

Driving Back to Boston
Recurring theme of jeans and boots!

Hanging Out in Boston

Easy to pack!

Coming Home

Comfy, cool, and ready for fall back in Texas!


  1. New reader! I love your blog. I find relief knowing that I don't have to abandon fashion for medicine :) Thanks for posting about medicine and these outfits, both are very helpful!

  2. Can you come to my closet and put together outfits? Love these picks B! Have fun you your trip!


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